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The Secretariat of the School has given you the General Information pamphlet - which will help you get acquainted with our School and its history -, and the course syllabus in English. The following contains some useful practical information.

1. Inscription and Student ID

In order to be inscribed, you have to present to the Secretariat of the School a document from your University, certifying that you are an Erasmus/Socrates student coming through a specific IC network. The local contact person of your university or Ms.Irini Efesiou (Tositsa building, 3rd floor, room 101), Erasmus/Socrates coordinator in the School, will prepare for you an equivalent document in Greek (tel. +30 210 7723804, fax +30 210 7723819, e-mai: and Ms. Eleftheria Varouhaki (Erasmus/Socrates office, Patision 42 Athens, Tositsa building, 5th floor, tel.+30 210 772 3834, e-mail:

You need a recent photo, along with that document, in order to have a (Greek) student ID card (pink card). This card allows a discount on bus, train etc fares.

2. Food card

The same document as above and a photo are also needed in order to obtain a "food card" (κάρτα σίτισης). For this you have to go to the central Administration building which is located in the Zografou campus of the NTUA. In order to reach the Administration building you have to catch the inter-campus bus (white mini-bus) that leaves our campus daily at 07:15, 10:00 and 12:00 hours. Once in the administration building you have to ask for the Student Welfare department (Σπουδαστική Μέριμνα) which is located on the 1st floor, tel. +30 210 7721928. The same bus leaves from the administration building at 8:30, 11:00 and 13:00 hours. There is also bus No 242 which leaves at the hours affixed outside the porter's cubicle, Stournara street gate.

3. Accommodation

Student accommodation is not currently available in the NTUA. However, the Erasmus Office of the University can assist students in finding private accommodation.

For assistance in this respect, you can contact Ms Irini Roditi, tel. + 30 210 7721950, fax +30 210 7721949, e-mail:, at the University Erasmus Office.

4. Courses

Teaching normally starts the last week of September. The contact person of your university or Ms I. Efesiou will help you choose the courses you can attend during your stay in the NTUA. Once you have made your choice you have to report it to the Erasmus Office of the Faculty (Tositsa building, 3rd floor, room 301).

A special feature of our Faculty is its method of teaching through projects in the majority of the courses offered, particularly at the advanced levels. Problem oriented project work in teams and close contact with teachers may be different from the teaching you are accustomed to. It is advisable that you form groups with local students, so that you can become better acquainted with the methods and have an easier access to the necessary material and field work areas.

5. Language

The Foreign Language Centre of the NTUA offers Greek language courses for in-coming students, with two sessions in each semester: an intensive one for beginners and a follow up for continuing students.

For information and application forms contact the Foreign Languages Centre, tel. + 30 210 7721922-25, fax +30 210 7721949, e-mail:

6. Exams and grades

In some of the courses you have to take written or oral exams. The respective teachers will advise you how this can be arranged. At the end of each academic semester, the Erasmus Office of the Faculty will issue a cerificate including the courses you have taken and the grades you have obtained. This has to be signed by the Dean of Faculty and presented to your University.