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Since its foundation in 1917, the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens has been a pioneer in the higher education of Greek architects.

A basic aim of the School's curriculum is to educate professionals who will develop clear ides and views on architecture, understand in depth the social conditions in which they are going to work and master the essential technical knowledge and sensitivity to cope with the development of architectural ideas.

The School has around 1100 undergraduate students and 100 members of teaching staff. It collaborates with other Universities in Greece and abroad through educational programs and student and staff exchanges. It invites regularly guest lecturers, Greek and foreign architects and scientists with interesting contributions in relevant subjects.

Studies are combined with research which is held primarily in the School's laboratories. Experimental ideas are tested through applied research, thus establishing links between social needs and demands and the educational process.

The current fast evolution of ideas, techniques and social relations alters the wyas in which we manage issues to do with the built environment and turns into an imperative the development of alternative approaches to the natural environment. The School of Architecture of the NTUA offers high quality education which, at the same time, is open to challenges of the contemporary world.